Monday, 28 July 2014

Project Life birthday insert tutorial

Last month, my sister turned 21 and I wanted a way to document the celebrations within my Project Life album. I knew that I had too many photos to include in my normal weekly spread, so I opted for an insert to hold the extra photos. Here's a step-by-step guide to how I put it together...

I chose some printable cards by Life Love Paper and Hello Forever that were released with the August Studio Calico papercrafting kits and resized them to 2.5x3.5in in Photoshop Elements so that they would slot inside the pockets of a baseball card protector.

Next, I opened up two of the circle printables by In a Creative Bubble and used the colour picker to select the colour from the 'sweet' circle and the paint bucket tool to recolour the 'do what you love' circle as I knew it would fit the colour scheme of my insert better.

Then I printed and cut all my printables, ready for putting the insert together.

I gathered together all the supplies I wanted to use, including some wood veneer banners and a stamp set from the Studio Calico August Project Life kit (which is still available to purchase here). 

To start putting the insert together, I laid out all my photos on top of the baseball card protector to see which pockets I had spare to include my other items.

From another pocket page protector, I cut some of the plastic down to 2.5x3.5in to fit inside one of the pockets on the baseball card protector for my circle printables as I knew I wanted it to look like they were floating inside the pocket.

I glued one of the circle printables to one side of the plastic and then glued the second circle printable on the other side, covering the back of the first one.


 I stamped the date of my sister's birthday on one of the wood veneer banners that I wanted to use and then glued  it directly to the outside of the baseball card protector as it was slightly too wide to fit inside the pocket.

In a similar way to the circle printables, I glued the other banner on the other side of the page protector, making sure to line it up with the banner on the front side. I then typed and stamped an arrow on to one of the journaling cards and voila...

 I love including inserts in my Project Life album to house the extra photos from special occasions, particularly birthdays!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sandlot reveal!

Presale is underway over at Studio Calico! Here's what I made with the kits this month. (Click through to see full project details.)

Birthday insert | Sandlot Project Life kit; digital printables by Life Love Paper, digital printables by Geralyn Sy; digital printables by Marcy Penner

Don't forget to check come back when the kits go on general sale if you're not a subscriber...there'll be more up for grabs then!

Snadlot sneaks

Just when I thought things would calm down, this week came and hit me in the face! I only got my Studio Calico kits on Wednesday and then had some family stuff to deal with, so I'm sneaking in super late here to show you some peeks of what I made with the Studio Calico August kits, Sandlot! (Please note, any links to the kits won't work until subscriber reveal at 12noon EST or general sale at 12midnight EST.)

Here's some of my main only project, which uses a couple of goodies from the main Project Life kit only and some of the awesome printables from this month...

And some using the PL add-ons...

 Here are my shop picks for this month...

1. Marcy Penner's mini book workshop | Cannot wait for this class to start!
2. Color Theory Acrylic Paint bundle | Acrylic paint...errr...yes please!
3. Color Theory ink refill bundle | I've got ideas in my head for these like using them to paint with and all sorts!
4. Brighton Pier 6x6 paper pad | Gorgeous colours and patterns. Yum.
5. Aloha stamp set | This was a super popular stamp add-on that sold out fast a couple of months happy to see it back in the shop!

Be sure to check back later to see my projects in full!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Loving that I can pick up cheap flowers at the supermarket...they make me smile having then in my room all the time :)

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Around here (and BPC class winners!)

Taking afternoon naps. Things have looked a lot like this recently. Work is always crazy in the summer term, with reports to be written, data to be inputted and analysed, classes to be mixed, gifts to buy/make, etc. Trying to juggle all this with ME? Lots of enforced bed rest. Bleurgh.

Celebrating a new beginning. I am finally able to share here (now that all the parents and kids at school know)...I have a new job for September! I'm giving up class teaching for the time being and going to a new school to teach individuals and small groups of young children who are struggling to learn how to read and write. This position is mornings only, which means I'll get to go home and rest every day. Win! I'm hoping to take on some tutoring in the afternoons after my rest. I really think that this is a big step towards being able to get me on the track to much better health! I will keep you posted.

Wanting to never eat eggs ever ever again. Seriously, eating them every day sucks. I used to love eggs but I'm thinking Whole30 might have ruined them for me. Urgh.

Considering some potential summer plans. I really want to get away over the summer. Just trying to work out if I can make it happen, mainly financially. Unfortunately, I've got a lot of sorting out to do over the summer...I've got loads of boxes still left to unpack after I had to collect them from my mum's before she moved house. I've also now got a classroom to move out of. Yikes.

Refusing to believe my baby sister is now 21. did that happen?! We had such a great time celebrating, including a trip to a spa hotel where my mum treated me to a facial. SO needed. It was great for us to gather together to celebrate this beautiful young woman and what she's achieved in her relatively short life. Love my sis!

And now on to the winners of the Big Picture Classes giveaway I posted a little while ago. I meant to post them last week but life majorly got in the way! But here they are...

The Phone Photography Project 2 winner:

penny19 June 2014 21:59
I need to take the phone photography class! I just got a pack of photos back from processing, and so many of them are bad! I need professional help! Thanks, Stephanie!

Going Places winner:

I would love to win a spot in this class. It looks like it will be amazing!

Here & There Inspiration winner:

Here and There! Love both the teachers :).

Congrats ladies! Please email me at stephbaxteruk{at}hotmail{dot}com to claim your prize! And for those of you who didn't win, there's still time to sign up for these classes! I hope to see you there!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Penny Arcade reveal!

It's reveal time over at Studio Calico! Kits are now on sale for subscribers (12midnight EST for everyone else). I had so much fun making my projects for this month's Studio Calico kits! Penny Arcade has definitely taken one of my top three spots in my all-time favourite kits. Those Ashley Goldberg prints paired with some of the patterns from the new Brighton Pier collection are just to die for!

Here are my projects for this month...

And, as always, there are some things that have caught my eye in the shop this month as well as some things that I consider to be staple items. For example, have you seen the Brighton Pier bundle on pre-order?! Absolutely amazing new collection! I can't wait!

And don't forget that there's still time to enroll in these beauties...

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Penny Arcade sneaks

Ahhhhh...Penny Arcade. These kits are AMAZING. (Available to subscribers at 5pm BST (12noon EST) and everyone else at 5am BST on the 28th (12midnight EST).) I cannot wait for you to see them! For now, here's a peek at my projects for this month...

I thought I'd do something a bit different and create a collage of all my sneaks...I have to say, I kinda like it! The sneak in the bottom right hand corner is a traditional layout by the way. Shock horror! Yes, I've actually made a traditional layout (first time in a LONG time!) and yes, you can make traditional layouts with the Project Life kits. Be sure to grab the Penny Arcade paper pad!

Stay tuned to see my full layouts tomorrow!