Monday, 22 July 2013

A beautiful summer's day...

...was spent in the village I was telling you about yesterday to celebrate my mum's birthday. We thought we were just going for a piece of cake on the church lawn to enjoy the peace and quiet and the sunshine.

Well, we did get to enjoy a piece of cake on the church lawn in the sunshine. Along with about a hundred other people! The village was packed for an old fashioned village fair which, when we first realised, we weren't too pleased about. It was lovely though...very English and genteel! 

The photo above is of my sis...I just wanted to get a snap of how many cakes we ordered between us! I'm quite proud of the fact that I only had one!

And speaking of proud, I was pleased that I actually managed to get a semi-decent selfie that day, albeit using my phone's front camera, which is less than ideal quality...

There were some traditional fair rides which, as far as I was concerned, made the best kind of photo subjects!

 I actually persuaded my sister to go on the Ferris Wheel with me, despite her intense fear of them. Thankfully, she stopped screaming long enough for me to get a nice shot of the both of us...

 Needless to say, that was taken when the wheel was stationary, letting other passengers on! At one point, I leaned over to look at the ground. On leaning back in my seat, the car started to swing back and forth and I couldn't help but laugh as my sister closed her eyes and shouted at me to make it stop! Bless her! I pointed out to her that she loves rollercoasters, to which she replied that they go far to fast for her to notice she's at a great height!

I also loved the fact that they had hundreds of babygrows in celebration of the soon-to-be Royal baby...

 (Which, of course, we now know is a baby boy! Massive congratulations, William and Kate!)

I'm definitely planning to go back to Brockham again really was such a beautiful place! And I had my eye on a nice little pub that I think would be perfect for an al fresco summer dinner :)


  1. This village looks gorgeous!!

  2. Oh, wow -- I'd love to go there! I know some people dream of Hawaii, but I dream of England!

    1. That makes me happy to hear! If you ever find yourself here, let me know!